Saturday, May 28, 2016

It's Never to Late, Right?

I used to have the mindset: "Better never than late." You know, instead of the usual saying.  I always associated being late with getting unwanted attention and I was never comfortable with that. Now I realize that this isn't the best mindset to have. It stops you from experiencing. 

So I am changing things up. I'm starting a blog! Mostly for myself. I want a way to document my creative process. Why I make the decisions I do concerning my artistic choices. Looking back on art I made in college, I find my asking why I went a certain way with the project and it would be nice to have a place to document those decisions. That's if I can even get those thoughts into words . . . 

I started the popular #100dayproject about 40 days late. My old self would NEVER do this and would just wait until next year and thus miss out on an awesome opportunity to create. Since I'm starting late, I'm also making my own rules (quietly rebelling here). So my goal is to make 100 4x4.5 inch collages before the end of the year with no pressure to make them during 100 consecutive days. 

And no pressure for the blog either. I'll most likely be posting at least once a week. Especially when the new season of Get Messy Art Journal starts. Other than that, I'll post if I have other projects going on. 

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