Friday, July 1, 2016

Get Messy Introspection - Week 4

I have one spread this week. I was going to say "only one" but decided to go easy on myself. I was a little challenged by the prompts this week since I'm not confident in my writing. Especially with stream of concious writing. I get nervous about what might come out and have trouble embracing that process. So I set that prompt aside and dove into my dreams instead.

I always have a sence of disappointment when I wake up from a dream. Either by the alarm or the need to use the bathroom, I seem to wake up right when things start getting interesting. 

I love tearing paper and the texture it gives. And when working in collage I like to lay out the layers first. This is a snapshot of my layers when I was deciding where everything would go. I think about color, shape, and pattern repetition. At first I thought every piece of paper would be its own unique image but ultimately decided against that. It would be too busy and my dreams tend to have repeated elements, so I stuck with three main images and repeated the others. 

Weekend goals:
1. Work on my #heartjournal
2. Catch up on my One Little Word album
3. See some fireworks
4. Watch some Euro 2016

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