Friday, October 28, 2016

Get Messy Dreams - Weeks 1-4

 We're now over half way through the Season of Dreams and this is my first blog post on the season. I have to give props to everyone who posts weekly or even daily in some cases. Being more consistent is definitely a major goal of mine.

So back to the beginning...?! I was so excited when this season's theme was announced. I have always been fascinated by my dreams and even have some that I remember from when I was a child. I bought a dream interpretation book in college that I still go to today, if there's an element in the dream that sticks out to me.

And that's how I approach dream interpretation. I don't overthink it and I don't dwell on the details. I just think about the overall feeling and what one or two elements stand out. Then if I decide to interpret the dreams and none of the explanations make sense, I let it go. I'm all about just going with the interpretation that "clicks." If it doesn't, it doesn't and I move on. 

I decided to work in an unbound journal this season because I have an idea for the cover that I didn't want to get covered in paint. And I wanted the option of adding in more pages. I will admit this does bring some challenges in that I have to make sure I keep the journal in order. But I'll be worth it once I bind the cover. 

I started making pages a week before receiving the first prompts. I was just so excited to get started. The first few pages were heavily collage influenced and once I came back from my vacation, they moved towards more painted and or collaged with handprinted papers. I'd recommend hand painting paper to everyone. It's so satisfying to know you created every element on the page. 

These last few weeks of the season I think I'm going to try to delve deeper in the dreams and what they represent in a more abstract way. Dreams are so abstract to begin with and I want to convey that; the feeling of not quite remembering a dream or the feeling of coming out a dream. 

Weekend Plans:
1. Rearrange Bedroom
2. Organize craft room
3. Finish up One Little Word prompt for October

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