Thursday, November 16, 2017

Colour Blast - Orange

It's sad to think that this Colour Blast collaboration is now over. I really loved getting each journal when it was at a different stage, from being the first to add to Vanessa's Grey journal to being the last to add to Julia's Orange. We only have our competed original journals left to share.

 I added this drawing and mantra onto a background that was already in the journal. I'm assuming it was made by Julia. I love these inky backgrounds she makes, so I didn't want to totally cover it. 

I sketched some tiger lilies a few years ago and when I found the drawings, I made copies to use. Here I transferred the image onto a piece of tissue paper I had glued into the journal. 

I was so happy when Julia picked orange as her color. Along with yellow, orange is a happy color for me, but one with extra depth. I also consider it a brave color to use. 

This spread I made for Julia and her Fox spirit!

I still had Julia's journal when we had the solar eclipse in North America. While I wasn't near totality here in New York, I thought id be interesting to capture how the sun looked at a certain time on that day. I'll always remember how the sun glowed. 

I also love that on the last page, we all added which month we worked in the journal. What a great to close it out.  I can't wait to see how everyone's final pages before we share our own completed journals. Please check out everyone else's pages: Julia, Vanessa, Lauren, Riet, Moriah and Lauren.

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  1. I love your pages! Foxes and eclipses... I couldn't ask for more! <3