Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Colour Blast - Red

The Colour Blast collaboration took a little break because we had quite a few members traveling this summer. It was fun watching everyone's adventures, but now I get to share my pages in Moriah's Red Journal. Just a reminder, the others artists in the collab are Vanessa, Julia, Lauren Brown, Lauren Blood, Riet and Moriah.

My relationship with the color red has had an interesting journey. I used to stay far away from it. I saw red as this loud, in your face color, when all I wanted to do was go unnoticed. I saw it as the color of strength and being in charge during a time when I didn't feel strong or in control. Not until I started to study the Chakras did my attitude toward red change and a true appreciation and love for it come forward. Now I associate red so strongly with my Root Chakra. It's become my grounding color. The color I use when I need to be reminded of my place, that I have a place, and my personal power. The color that proves I'm a woman and connects me to the women of my past. My mom has always loved the color red.

So I wasn't at all surprised when these spreads started to share the theme of self love and acceptance.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Favorite Flower Collab - Lilac

One of my creative goals for this year was to participate in more collaborations. Partly because Get Messy has such an array of talented artists and because I wanted to open myself up more and be more sociable. 

This collab is with Caylee and Essie and all about our favorite flowers. Mine, as you can see, is the lilac. We have one in our backyard, and every year I just keep waiting for it to bloom and add to my lilac photo album. 

I took apart a small Moleskine cahier and added a variety of papers for everyone to use. I never know how much insight into the pages I should share. I sometime want to share my entire thoughts behind a spread, but I also realize and appreciate that everyone can have their own interpretation. So I'll just leave you with the images this time.