Friday, July 8, 2016

Get Messy Introspection - Week 5

I set a goal this season to try every prompt. Since I only made one spread last week, I
had some catching up to do.

I attempted a "brain dump." And then covered it up. They were ugly words, written in a moment of self pity. My idea was to have some kind of writing about needing to be selfish every once in while but I decided that would still be to negative for a spread that I really ended up loving. 

Turns out stamping over writing is a great way to create some hidden journaling. The stamped quote reads: "just keep following your heartlines" A slight difference on a Florence + the Machine lyric. 

I'm trying to push myself to cover up layers. This is my art journal, nothing is precious and I need to keep reminding myself to trust my artistic instincts. 

My own definition of intuition: "we all vibrate at our own frequency." It's why we all understand things differently, why we can all look at the same prompts and have an infinite amount of takes on it. 

Another page with layers that got really complicated. So I just painted red over the top and simplified the female drawing. I'm really happy with the contrast of the drippy brush script with the stamped word and white line drawing. 

My take on what my thoughts look like and what's been on my mind. Overlapping and circling in my mind, my thoughts seem to come out of nowhere. 

I used a white crayon to create a resist pattern and LOVE how it turned out. It's such a simple watercolor technique that I will no longer be over looking. 

Weekend Plans:
1. Visit friends upstate
2. Work on #heartjournal
3. Housekeeping
4. Photography #100dayproject collages

Friday, July 1, 2016

Get Messy Introspection - Week 4

I have one spread this week. I was going to say "only one" but decided to go easy on myself. I was a little challenged by the prompts this week since I'm not confident in my writing. Especially with stream of concious writing. I get nervous about what might come out and have trouble embracing that process. So I set that prompt aside and dove into my dreams instead.

I always have a sence of disappointment when I wake up from a dream. Either by the alarm or the need to use the bathroom, I seem to wake up right when things start getting interesting. 

I love tearing paper and the texture it gives. And when working in collage I like to lay out the layers first. This is a snapshot of my layers when I was deciding where everything would go. I think about color, shape, and pattern repetition. At first I thought every piece of paper would be its own unique image but ultimately decided against that. It would be too busy and my dreams tend to have repeated elements, so I stuck with three main images and repeated the others. 

Weekend goals:
1. Work on my #heartjournal
2. Catch up on my One Little Word album
3. See some fireworks
4. Watch some Euro 2016