Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Floral Collaboration Journal

It seems like every year I judge the passing of time by what flowers are blooming. Crocus in February, lilacs in April, irises in May, lilies in June and July. Our hydrangeas and roses start in June and can bloom all through November. So when Flowers was agreed upon for a new collaboration art journal, I was so excited to get started.

Today I'm sharing the cover of a new journal and my inside spread. Honestly, I never know what to do with art journal covers, so I treaded this one like it's own spread.

These are both using images I've been holding onto. I found the girl in the floral dress and what better than to just surround her in flowers and add a quote from The Secret Garden.

This journal is now with Julia and then will be on it's way to Alicia and Marie.

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  1. oh, please please start posting more on your blog! I love your work and definitely prefer your blog to Instagram. : )