Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Get Messy Dreams - Week 6

Get Messy Season of Dreams wrapped up a few weeks ago. And I just have a couple pages left to share.

I've almost finished reading The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron and one thing that will stay with me is the idea that my inner artist is like a child. I believe that open sense of wonder and lack of fears children have is great way to push forward creativly. Also I love how when spread this way the ink looks likes nerves. 

A little bit of madness can be a good thing, right? Nothing too serious, more like childhood silliness. I have great memories of art making in college at 2 or 3am, when you're pushing yourself past exhaustion and come up with ideas you usually wouldn't. It can spark creativity and help to keep the creative ripples moving.  

Overall I loved this season. Like Season of Introspection, it dealt with understanding the psyche which fascinates me. It's also the second season where I filled all the pages in my handmade journal, which  I'm really proud of. 

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