Friday, December 9, 2016

Get Messy Gifts - Week 1

As much as I love Christmas, for me, the month of December is also a time to look back on the past year and plan for how I'm going to start January. It has that exciting feeling of possibilities that I used to get at the start of every school year, especially during college.

So how appropriate that the last season of Get Messy for the year is called Gifts?! Since the more introspective themes are my favorite, I'm going with a list of attributes I want to work on for the new year.

I'm starting of with the idea of persistence. I admit, goal setting is a struggle for me.  Most of the time I never make them, because then I don't have to admit that I might fail at something.

My journal this season is make from a mix of gift bags and mixed media paper. I had the larger, neon pink doilies already, and then die cut more doilies out of pattern papers. I love the look of hand cut letters, so I splattered some metallic mist paint on black construction paper to help break up the solid black. 

Van Gogh has some of the most insightful quotes I've ever come across. And although I've read variations like this before, I'm a firm believer in the idea that sometimes you need to read something over and over before it clicks. 

Weekend Plans:
1. Finish up One Little Word 2016 album
2. Continue with December Daily
3. Kelly Purkey workshop on Sunday in NYC!

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