Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Colour Blast - Grey Matter

We're sharing the next round of Colour Blast today and I'm excited to see all the journals! I've linked the other artist's blogs and Instagrams (Julia, Lauren Blood, Moriah, Lauren Brown, Riet and Vanessa) so you can keep up to date with how all the journals are progressing.

I was sent Vanessa's Grey Matter journal for the second round and let me say it took my love of gray/grey to a whole new level. The most basic of grays is made by mixing white and black but there is so much more variations beyond that.

It was also great making these pages specifically with Vanessa in mind. Having taken her Totems class and forever stalking her Instagram, there are definite symbols and themes that come to mind when I think about her.

I picked this pearlescent gray as my favorite shade, though it was a tough contest. I almost had to make brackets!

And now on to the next color!


  1. I love these pages, I can tell they are your style but also inspired by Vanessa!