Sunday, February 26, 2017

Get Messy Art 101 - Week 3

This season Get Messy is breaking up the weeks into themes and this week we focused on acrylics. Now I'll admit there was a time I couldn't stand acrylic paint. It dried to quickly and I could never get a nice blend between the colors with out brushstrokes showing. So it's a bit funny that now those are the quality of acrylic I like best. 

For this week's study (that's what I'm going to call these large 22"x30" pieces) I went full on abstract. This type of all over pattern I've been seeing a lot recently and wanted to try. I took advantage of the various properties of acrylic paint to achieve it. Overall I'm happy with it but my favorite is how I let go of trying to write perfectly and embraced my often sloppy handwriting for some "hidden" journaling. This way the writing also creates an organic pattern that helps to break up more traditional shapes and blocks of color. 

And for my own record, these are my art journal spreads for the week of acrylic, inspired by a prompt and tutorial. 

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