Monday, February 5, 2018

Painted cover for Season of Kindness

I had such a fun time making my first tutorial video as a Mess Maker for Get Messy, that I just wanted to record my process for painting the cover of the journal I'll be using this season. I made this journal with a pamphlet stitch and canvas paper.

I've used canvas paper only once before and it did not turn out well. But that was years ago when I was trying to hard, so we'll see how this goes together. The paper feels like canvas but when I accidentally tore it, it tore like paper. It didn't have the canvas threads that I expected. 

I also didn't gesso the canvas first. Honestly, I never think of gesso unless I'm working on a stretched canvas, and those come pre-gessoed a lot of the time, so let's just say I never think of gesso. Unless it's to use instead of white paint.... go figure. 

I did notice that the canvas paper started to pebble up after I used the water and scrubbed a bit with the brush, so I probably should've put down a layer of gesso. 

Other than that, this is pretty much the style of abstract painting I've been doing recently. I'm over the "fear of the white page" and have moved onto the "fear of layering." I'm really working on adding more and more layers, and not focusing on just one layer in fear of covering it up. I love the depth of layers, so I'm hopefully that I can one day be confident in creating layers. 

If anyone doesn't know, Get Messy is an art journaling community that provides theme based prompts and tutorials for eight (!!) weeks at a time. This year I am one of their Mess Makers, as part of their creative team and I can't wait for share this year with everyone. 

To learn more about Get Messy Art Journal or to join, click HERE!

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