Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Society of the Owl Women - A Spirit Animal Collaboration

In late 2016, Holly, Sofia and I started an owl theme collaboration. We were taking the Rituals class offered by Get Messy Art Journal and all had made spreads on the Owl as our totem/spirit animal. The journals are all back home so we're sharing the completed spreads. It's great to look back to see what style of pages I was making at the time. 

I'm going to start by sharing my completed journal and then share the spreads I made for Holly and Sofia's. Holly and Sofia are also sharing their completed journals so please check out their blogs. I can't wait to see them myself!

Sofia's spread turned out to be such a nice companion to the spread I made on the previous page.

I love the background Holly made for this spread. It's simple but adds such a level of interest.

The way Holly made the words look this the wind behind the owl is so lovely. And the forest background! 

This is such a great reminder from Sofia. Especially with spirit animals, it so easy to forget the playful nature of animals. 

I like to imagine that this is a giant owl spirit in Holly's last spread, especially in comparison to the female figure. 

Sofia added French to the journal and my sister kindly translated it for me. "Messenger of the gods, you reveal the mysteries of the universe and open our eyes to the sacred secrets of the invisible, unseen world hidden to the unenlightened." I absolute love this!

The next three photos are the spreads I made for Holly's journal. 

And these I made for Sofia's. 

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