Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Abstract Zine

I was incredibly surprised and honored to be asked to be a collaborator for the Zine Squad. I love following this amazing project headed by Julia, Katie, and Vanessa. This abstract themed zine was made for Kate who creates inspiring abstract pages herself.

(LEFT) I added the texture paste on top of the washi before sending the zine off to Vanessa. I was expecting her to cover it up but I like the tone on tone and subtle bit of texture, since it was left alone. 

(RIGHT) I wanted to add something to the zine that expressed abstract thoughts and I thought collage would be perfect for that.  I made the whole collage on a transparency that I had sprayed gold on the back of. 

(SPREAD) I wasn't brave enough to just leave a whole spread abstract. So I washi taped in a transparency to hold the quote: "Life is filled with abstractions and the only way to make heads or tails of it is going through intuition."

Side note: I'm glad I photographed this spread because apparently not all pink paint is created equal when it comes to scanning. Some neon colors don't show and that was the case with this pink. Once scanned it dulled down to a grayish pink. I'm going to have to test all my neons!

(RIGHT) "I like to look for things no one else catches." For this page I zoomed and cropped a photo I had taken at the New York Botanical Garden last year. When you zoom in this closely, it creates a lovely abstract image.

(RIGHT) Going along with a new series of collages that I started.  I love how it plays with its neighbor to the left. 

(RIGHT) This page came covered with the cutest guinea pig washi! All I did was add some gold to emphasize some triangles. 

(LEFT) Another page that I just added to. When I received the zine, this page was covered with lovely strips of wash. I wanted someway to emphasize the colors and decided on outlining the letters. I love how opaque black gesso is but that you can still see the pattern of washi underneath the black. 

Once again thanks to Julia, Katie and Vanessa for including me. This was so much fun and make sure you go check out everyone's blog to see the rest of the zine.

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