Friday, June 17, 2016

Get Messy Introspection - Week 2

This week I made another three spreads for Get Messy. Two from the prompts and one that's been in head for a while now. You'll notice there's an overall dark theme this week. There's a lot of blacks and grays and this started as an unconscious effort on my part. 

Incubus changed my life at fifteen and I have plans to make a whole journal inspired by their lyrics. But first this phrase kept circling in my mind for the first prompt. Procrastination is my biggest flaw. I don't like change and by procrastinating, I think I can put it off.

I started by writing out why I procrastinate and some other related flaws. Next I tore up that list and painted black gesso (my new love) over most of the page, just leaving a bit of my writing under the word procrastination. I then added the rest of the lyric with a white paint pen.

"Do I even know you anymore?" I found myself asking this question in response to all the craziest that's been going on in the U.S. for the past months. People I thought I knew are saying things I would never believe they could and it's heartbreaking. 

These black and white photos where perfect to look like old family photos that where torn out of an album. Blacking out the eyes turns these people into strangers and the questions marks ask the question: why? Why did you say that? Why do you believe that? Why does it bother me? Why can't I except it? Why does this have to change?

With all the heaviness of the previous spreads, I wanted to make a silhouette filled with color. I love the idea of us radiating our light, our strength, in the chaos and darkness and not giving up hope. 

This spread came together rather quickly. The longest part was probably waiting for the watercolor to dry. I started by gluing down black and white pattern papers. I couldn't find any solid gold paint, so I went with a gold glitter paint and I am happy with the effect. Added the silhouette and the quote: "Nothing can dim the light that shines from within." Which sums up what this week has been all about. 

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