Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Getting Back Into It

The working title for this blog post was "Catching Up." But then I realized that would be implying that I was behind in something.  As I'm trying to be more patient with myself, that idea was just bothering me.

So I took the Season of Music off. This really surprised me as I listen to music pretty constantly. But between family visiting and having to many lyrics to choose from, it got to be too stressful. And honestly, I think the break really helped. It gave me some more breathing space to explore ideas and I managed to take a 30 day collage class during that time, to stretch my artistic self.

I know I just up and ended at week 5 of Season on Introspection but I actually filled my handmade journal! Here are the last of my pages from week 6. This old wooden bench in my backyard is quickly becoming my favorite place to photography my journal.

So moving forward! I'm super excited about the next season of Get Messy. I already completed a spread and prepped another. And I'll be taking my journal traveling with me this season, as I'll be visiting Arizona in the beginning of October. I'll be staying with a friend who's an art teacher, so I may just bring my favorite pens and an alphabet stencil and then play with her supplies. 

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